Sunday, 15 July 2012


I am truly happy to be 50 - a couple of years ago it was unlikely I would get this far and I feel happier every year I get older - I'm lucky. I made some difficult decisions 5 years ago but they were the right ones and now life is good. So I wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday but not in an over the top way - everyone I invited is important to me and Mr Redding. One of my guests I have know and loved since 1981 - others I have only really got to know in the last year. But they are all dear to me and Mr Redding and they were who we wanted to share this day with. And my Dad ... my Dad is great company and he wasn't short of glamorous women wanting to talk to him!  It was a lovely party, started at 4.00pm and ended at midnight - I will share pics of the food we had.....special mention to Sally at Persepolis for wonderful kibbeh, pastries and baba ganoush base inredients....go there for a fabulous experience. So, random pics:

Baba Ganoush made with fantastic tinned aubergines from Persepolis

Lamd and vegetable samosas from Khans superstore on Rye Lane

Couscous with lots of mint, lemon and olve oil

Aubergines brushed with olive oil, griddled, and sprinkled with chilli flakes

Hummus - chick peas, tahini paste, olive oil and lemon juice - bliss...

Strips of chicken breast marinaded wirh za'atar and cumin - griddled quickly so it stayed juicy - glorious.

I also made Persian style lamp meatballs, amd served everything with lots of pitta bread and Persian flat bread. I think  it went ok....there was nothing left!

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